About 2468 Design & Communication Solutions

2468 Design & Communication Solutions has been servicing the Hudson Valley for over two decades. We started back in 2000 as Web Islands Design Studio and re-branded the company name and some of the services we offer, but we still stand for the same principles and maintain the same standards as we have from the beginning. During this time we have specialized in Beautiful Responsive Web design, iOS App Development, Powerful & Creative presentation design, Tech support and Network Wiring & Solutions. We also provide Professional Consulting Solutions in all of these areas.


We are a Hudson Valley local business and love working with fellow local business owners. We love being part of their growth and help them meet their goals. We are very family & community oriented and maintain those standards as part of our business practice. We love getting involved in the community and have worked on several Non-Profit projects.


We would love to talk to you about your next project. If you have the time, we can discuss it over a cup of coffee, or if your crazy schedule doesn't allow it, Just send us an email, a text message or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.


*Note* We love to see prices Online as well, but because your business is personalized to you, our pricing also follows the same format. We pride ourselves on keeping our prices affordable for our fellow local business's. Reach out to us for your custom quote



What Can We Do For You

Web Site Design Solutions

Our Sites are custom tailored to your needs. We build Beautiful Responsive web sites. Your business or project will look amazing on any device. Let us bring your vision to life. We would love to sit down and chat with you about the future of your web presence.



iOS App Development

How much time do you spend on your phone or a tablet? If you're like most of the world it’s a lot. Ever think your customers could benefit from you having an app? Most businesses would love to have an app to showcase their business, just most people don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in. Let us create a breathtaking responsive representation of your business that fits in the palm of your customers hands.

Network Wiring & Network Solutions

One thing many small business owners struggle with is having an in house network administrator. It’s too expensive to have someone full time and too expensive to not have someone at all. This is where we come in. Are you looking to upgrade your existing equipment?  build an expansion and need network wires run? Or you're starting a new business and need to start from  scratch. We can be your network administrator without the cost of a full time employee.


We can take care of ...

      Running professional looking network wires

Configuration and upgrading your  existing network equipment

     Troubleshooting your existing setup and get you back up and running

Wireless installations

POE Camera Installation


IT Tech Support & Data Recovery

You know your business and when something goes wrong or breaks your expertise is probably invaluable. So when it comes to your computer equipment we consider our expertise invaluable as well. Next time you have an issue reach out to us,


You turn your computer on and now you have a strange new icon on your desktop or maybe a new tool-bar on your browser. All of sudden your getting Pop-ups and Ads all the time. Your Computer is running slow. Just painful to use. I'm sure its got you thinking "Maybe it's time for a new one".


Chances are you probably have Mal-ware or a virus, your not alone, so many people have similar issues with no idea how it happened or how to fix it. Luckily we do know how. Let us take a look at it. In most cases we can make your computer run like brand new or at least give you a professional assessment on whether its time for a new computer or not. Most importantly we can usually retrieve your important files.


We also specialize in a wide range of tech support. On-site and remote support and in many cases we can take care of your issues while you are asleep or off hours.

IT Consulting

The fast moving work of IT can be pretty scary sometimes. Not knowing what to purchase, whats not enough or whats to much. Our IT Experts can come on-site evaluate your needs with you and help you decide whats right for your business.



Digital Business Cards & Special Event Presentations

Several years ago we started making Digital Business Cards (also known as Bootable Business Cards) This is basically your business in a presentation form with your contact info and links to your website in a digital format presented in the shape of a Business card.  Over the years with technology changing we have converted these same presentations to a QR Code for users to scan or you can even use a flash drive if you want it off line still. The possibilities are practically limitless.

We have also made several video / photo slide shows with music in the background for Funeral Services, Weddings, Birth Announcement and Birthdays. People love seeing old photos and these are always a hit.

Some of Our Work

Take a look at some of our work. We love digging into a new project. Its amazing to start something from scratch and then see the finished project shine. There are too many to list so we have included some new projects, some older ones and some that we are currently working on.

Web Sites

iOS Apps



Contact Us

Call / Text: (845) 232-0506
E-Mail: Info@2468studios.com
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